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Audrey Codner, MAT

Your Education is My Priority.

ACG Math Tutoring has been known for high-quality service, exceptional efficiency, and the highest level of professionalism and patience for online tutoring.

No matter the concept level you are looking for, we will guarantee to exceed your expectations and ensure your satisfaction and confidence in learning and applying various mathematical content. From homework help to test preparation, ACG Math Tutoring has you covered..

At this point, I would like for you to...

  • Stop worrying! You made the right decision to seek help for you and your child’s emotional state.
  • Sign up for a Meet &Greet so I can get a better understanding of how your child learns and processes information to structure the sessions that best suit your child’s abilities.
  • Watch your child become more confident in their approach towards mathematics.
  • Simply Breathe. I got this!

Session Topics

Algebra 1 & 2




College Intermediate Algebra

(Community College Courses)

Hey There, I’m Ms. Audrey!

I am a former professional athlete and classroom teacher who decided to take her skills online after 18

years in the classroom. I take pride in treating every student as an individual and a capable learner of math regardless of their disabilities.

My goal is to ensure that every student leaves our session feeling empowered and confident. Let’s figure this math thing out TOGETHER!

My son was lost, frustrated, and failing High School Math until I was able to link him up with ACG Math Tutoring. Working with Ms. Codner, he was able to get the help he needed to successfully complete his work and graduate. ACG Math Tutoring has just what our family needed!

James Ruffin


Audrey is the best. I have twins in high school who needs help at different times. Her temperment and approach were exactly what they needed to get an A in their classes. She worked with our schedule and super easy to work with on my end. I highly recommend her and will use her again.

Stamatia Karakasidis

We 💘Audrey! She is a truly amazing human being!!! She cares. She’s patient. She motivates. She boosts confidence. She helped my daugther realize that she isn’t bad at math. Highly recommend her if your child needs a math tutor. She is worth every penny!

Heather Williams

Audrey Codner

Building Confidence while Making Connections.

Baltimore, MD. 21214


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